F. scott fitzgerald's biography

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F. Scott Fitzgerald

Early years
F. Scott Fitzgerald was born the 24th sepetember 1896 in St. Paul Minnesota) in an Irish upper middle class Roman Catholic family.
His parents, Edward and MaryFitzgerald, came from different social backgrounds. Scott’s mother, Mary came from a background where money meant position, stability and security. While his father came from a modest background.Scott is their only child who survived. He had two older sisters, before he was born, Mary and Louise who “suddenly died during an epidemic, at the ages of one and three” while his mother was pregnantwith him. Four yeas after he was born, his mother had another baby who only lasted an hour after birth. His mother of course was devastated with so many losses in her life. Scott grew up spoiled until1901 when his little sister Annabel was born.
At the age of twelve Scott attended St. Paul Academy, a private school. Quickly unpopular, he dreams about glory and considers himself different from theother boys. Scott never did well in school; instead of studying and doing his homework he wrote. In 1911, because of his neglect in schoolwork his parents took him out of St. Paul and sent him to aboarding school in New Jersey called Newman. Scott was as unpopular there as he was at St. Paul. One reason besides his attitude towards others was the fact that he was the “poorest boy in a rich boys’school.” There, he begins to write poems and short stories which he publishes in the Newman’s school newspaper. Besides his interest in writing Scott was a football fanatic.
In 1913 he got intoPrinceton University and became friends with future critics and writers like Edmund Wilson and John Peale Bishop and participates in the writing of a musical. Unfortunately Scott’s behavior in view of hisstudies hadn’t change at all and he did not pass half of his classes. Scott left Princeton without his diploma and joins the US Army in 1917 for the entering of USA in the First World War. He is send...
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