I always hated holidays

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se fiancer get engaged
tirer (littérallement) drag me off
fourmiller mill about
sites touristiques sights
s'ennuyer à mourir bored the pants off me
un bout de rocher a lump of rock
je ne sais combien de umpteen
ça m'a frappé It sruck me
Jamais changé d'avis Never looked back
bourse grant
subventionner subsidize
avoir un sourire forcégrin mirthlessly
faire subir un lavage de cerveau à brainwash
enquête, étude survey
incroyable quantité de incredible amounts of
avoir l'air joyeux look cheerful
aux couleurs criardes garish
décontracté casual
bonne humeur cheerfulness
se comporter behave
terreur dread
espérer hope to achieve
solennellement solemnly
mendier beg
excusez-moi I beg your pardon
Je vousdemande pardon? I beg your pardon?
épuiser wear out
simple mere
entraîner entail
colossale stupendous
juste ciel my goodness
faute de short of
surgir, émerger, augmenter arise
Tourisme Sightseeing
Tourisme de masse mass tourism
l'industrie du tourisme Tourisme industry
stratégie de marketting marketting strategy
produit de remplacement substitute
tendance trend
sauveur saviour
provocateur,provocant provocative
stressant stressful
artificiel artificial
standardisé Standardized
aliéné alienated
nuisible à harmful to
alarmant alarming
aigu acute
sévère,draconien drastic
être concerné par be concerned about
être conscient de be aware of
réaliser realize
prévenir, avertir de warn about
dénoncer denunce
démystifier debunk themyth of
s'engager commit oneself to sth,BV+ING
manipuler manipulate
tromper cheat
conforme à conform to
menacer threaten
épuiser (ressources) deplete (resources)

This text is an extract / excerpt from a novel by a famous English writer,David Lodge. The two characters are Bernard Walsh, who is a tourist /holidaymaker, and Sheldrake, who is an anthropologist working forTravelwise, aBritish travel organization. The scene takes place / is set in an English airport (Heathrow?) during summer holidays. The two characters are discussing / chatting about their opinion concerning tourism.
Sheldrake has a disdainful / scornful attitude, he compares the touristswith pilgrims / people going on a pilgrimage: they don't know why they do it, but they do it anyway, like sheep! Theydo the same thing as eveyone. He is a lonely, boring and self-centered person, who wants to convince / persuade people not to go on holidays in order to save the world! Indeed, he has arguments against tourism: it's like a drug  (people are addicted) which destroys / wears out the planet (environmental  issue)! He compares himself with great thinkers (Freud and Marx), so he is ambitious andpretentious.
The irony / paradox is that he works for a travel organization, whereas he wants to destroy tourism: therefore, he is going to ruin his employer's business! His attitude looks a little exaggerated / extreme!

“I ALWAYS HATED HOLIDAYS…” (p. 14-15 Broad Ways Terminales)

Illustration : Cartoon by Rupert Besley

We are immediately struck by/ What strikes us first is the row of caravans on a campground… All the caravans look similar / look practically the same size / colour… It must take place in the country / in the summer / at the height of the summer season / at the peak of the tourist season… We are given the impression that the field is overcrowded / that the caravans are crammed into a limited space… The cartoon is based on acontrast between the drawing and the caption… The caption clearly conveys the idea that people long to escape from urban life, but it is quite difficult to do so… There is no getting away from “madding crowds” / a grey, monotonous, standardised world… All the caravans look alike and the grey colour reinforces the impression of monotony and conformism… The holiday-makers want to avoid / forget...
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