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Suggestions de correction et barème à l’attention des correcteurs du baccalauréat Série L LV1 ANGLAIS

Vous traiterez les questions dans l'ordre, en indiquant clairement leur numéro sur votre copie. Lorsque la réponse doit être développée, le nombre de mots ou d’éléments de réponse est indiqué dans la question. En l’absence d’indications, vous répondrez brièvementà la question posée.


Find three elements showing that the scene takes place in India. (The characters’ names will not be accepted.) “monsoon” (l. 19), “puribhaji” (l. 13) “ragdaa patties” (l. 13) “rupees” (l. 45) 3 pts Where exactly do the characters meet? They meet in Miss Alvarez’s classroom / in Jehangir’s classroom / in a classroom. Pour “at school”, mettre la moitié des points. 2pts Say how Jehangir is connected to the other characters present in the scene. He is Miss Alvarez’s pupil and Yezad (Chenoy)’s son. 2 x 2 pts = 4pts



Focus on Jehangir and Miss Alvarez. 4. a) What school project was Jehangir involved in? He was involved in her project of homework monitoring. b) Why was he chosen to take part in it? He was chosen because he was Miss Alvarez’s beststudent / a good student. 5.

4 pts 4 pts

a) Explain the role Jehangir was expected to play in this project. He was expected to check that the pupils did their homework properly. / He helped the pupils / he supervised the homework of the pupils. 4 pts b) What did he do wrong? He repeatedly accepted money from rich, lazy students who wanted to get good marks. 6 pts c) What did Miss Alvarez decideto do as a consequence? She decided to suspend (accepter : stop / cancel) the project and to summon Jehangir’s father to the school. (N’exiger qu’un des éléments de réponse.) 4 pts 6. a) Pick out the two adjectives expressing Miss Alvarez’s feelings when she found out what Jehangir had done. l. 42 “shocked” l. 47 “upset” 2 pts b) In your own words, explain her reaction. She trusted him and so shedid not expect her best pupil to behave so badly and she was very disappointed. Bonus: She never thought he would betray her. 6 pts Lines 35-37: “And as she spoke, her arm went up and embraced her pupil’s shoulders; she was able to make it a gesture of identification and protection.”
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Comment on Miss Alvarez’s attitude. (20/30 words) By touching Jehangir in such away, she both “identifies” him as being the culprit / the one who is guilty / who has done wrong and “protects” him, possibly from his father’s reaction or because he still is her “golden boy”. 2 x 4 pts = 8 pts 8. How does Jehangir feel during the whole scene? Justify by quoting from the text. He is embarrassed / ashamed / guilty. l.28: "Jehangir scrutinized his father’s shoes" l.29: " Then thetears made his eyes blurry " l.41: " But Jehangir’s eyes were still studiously examining footwear." 4 pts + 2 pts = 6 pts

Now focus on Yezad. 9. At the beginning of the scene (lines 6 to 9) what in his attitude and thoughts shows that Yezad has not yet realized how serious the situation is? (20/30 words) He is relaxed at the beginning. He is even pleased with his son’s mischief. He is pleased tofind out that his son is not so perfect and takes after him. 2 x 3 pts = 6 pts 10. From line 10 to 20, Yezad doesn’t concentrate on Miss Alvarez’s words. Explain why. (20/30 words) - He is not listening to Miss Alvarez because he is daydreaming. He is thinking about the time when he went to school / he is remembering his youth. - He used to go to the same school as his son and he recognizes thesmell of the place. - Moreover, he can remember his school mates. 3 x 4 pts = 12 pts 11. a) Quote Yezad’s words showing that he has finally understood what Jehangir has done. “I don’t know what to say.” (line 40) 1 pt b) In your own words, describe Yezad’s reactions at the end of the passage. - He feels sick. He apologizes. He is speechless / shocked. (N’exiger qu’une seule de ces reactions.) - He...
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