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Ireland is a country of traditions and myths which we hope to make you discover has faulted this presentation…

I.Who are the Irish? What are their background, their customs and their traditions?

More about Ireland:
Formerly populated by Gaels, Ireland was not invaded by the Roman. Saint Patrick will evangelize the country. Irish attracts much greed; after the Vikings, The English will tryto become established and they success. Their power really concerns only the region of Dublin. Ireland remains a Celtic and independent nation up to the 15 S, during the advent of Tudors. Ireland loses any political autonomy and its best lands are granted to English and Scottish Protestant colonists. In 1921, the British decide to divide the Island into two parts; the South becomes the FreeState of Ireland, with status of British Domination and six counties of the northeast stay in the United Kingdom. This treaty of London throwing back the total independence, is refused by the Irish people and from 1922, a fight is made against the British occupant, and ends in a defeat. In 1948, Clann na Poblachta (people’s party) decides to give to the country the name of "Republic of Ireland"symbolizing the definitive and total break with the British monarchy. April 18th, 1949, on Easter Monday in memory of the revolution of 1916, is officially born in Dublin the Republic of Ireland.
Who are the Irish?
Population: 4,015,676 4milion, 15hundred, 676 thousand.
Ethnic groups: Celtic, English

Religions: Roman Catholic 88.4%

Languages: English is the language generally used, IrishGaelic spoken mainly in areas located along the western seaboard
The reputation of the Irish reception is not a myth. Indeed, it is not rare to see an Irish smiling or saying hello to you in the street. This sense of reception meets itself particularly in pubs, but we shall speak about it later. In Ireland, the physical contacts are very rare, indeed, we use the hand only during the first meetingand the kiss is even more exceptional (the new generation sometimes use it).
Small notices: in the question "How are you?" it is fashionable to answer by "it could be worse" or "not so bad, not so bad " because the fatalism is rigorous in this kind of situations.
Irish people are very Friendly and kind. For my part during my linguistic trip in Ireland, I have to find that people were very niceand opened all have discussed. The man who accommodated me was very kind and set pleasure has to help us in English and has to show us how to manage in the city. All the persons I was able to meet were all them one more pleasant than the others it which has me to change the French lifestyle.
What are their customs and theirs traditions?
Irish people are many customs and traditions; indeed theyare very implicated in their traditions. Everyone has some form of tradition that is passed though generations of families, most of which we never bothering exploring. Unfortunately as generations comes and goes so does our typical way of life, our cultural life style and any tradition we may know of today.
Old traditions in Ireland:
Halloween Traditions in Ireland
To-day Halloween iscelebrated all around the globe but the Halloween Holiday has its history firmly planted in Ireland.

In Ireland, Halloween is also known as Samhain, All Hallows Eve, Hallowmas and Hallowtide. It is celebrated on 31st October but the holiday of Halloween is not just celebrated on the one day any more as the Christian holidays of All Saints Day, November 1st and All Souls Day, November 2nd arecelebrated as well.

St Patrick's Day Celebrations
March 17th marks the day of St Patrick, celebrated by millions of people around the world. In Ireland, St Patrick's Day was always held as an important religious day to celebrate the teachings of Christianity by St Patrick. As St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland it became a major day in Ireland's religious calendar and has always been mainly...
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