Anglais conflits religieux en ireland du nord de 1960 à aujourd'hui

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* 1960 to Today

The first movement of challenge really important began in 1966/1968, when the catholic asked the equality of right and the end of the discrimination. They want especially a reformof the elections code because voting are based on the property, majority owned by protestants.
(They draw of the Afro Americans movement in USA)
The Unionist (protestant) repress with violencetheir demonstration, because they are afraid that with this movement they lost their benefits.

For Example, during the night of January 4 1969, a catholic ghetto is attacked by a group of protestants.But the residents pitched barricades around the neighborhood .
They created the « Free Derry »

In 1969, British troops are sent, but as they are led by government, they repress it as much as theIrish army north

During the second half of 1960's, the Northern catholic asked at the Ireland an help but they don't want intervene and they send just humanitarian Aid , despite the demonstration ofsupports in Dublin.

From that moment, l'IRA began a fight against the British rule and for the independence of the Northern Ireland.

1972 was the deadliest year of the conflict, with almost500 deaths.
Including with the “Bloody Sunday”, where 14 people were killed by parachute during a peaceful demonstration. They received many condemnations from abroad for this act.
Catholicnationalists t neighborhoods were delivered to Protestant rioters.
The Catholics took up arms and began by defending the neighborhood before moving in an offensive. The IRA was reorganized spontaneously todefend his community.
After many demonstration and strikes, they tried to negotiate but they made it nothing and the 24th March, the Northern Ireland passes under the control of the English crown.(Direct Rule)

1th November 1972 published a Green Paper, a British plan for a political solution, untitled: "Future for Northern Ireland.".
Britain accepts the idea of a federal united Ireland....
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