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Bertrand Poirot-Delpech

  1. What role does Karen play in the novel? Is her visit with Conrad after they get out of the hospital an important component of the plot, or simply an aside?
  2. Do you think it is rational that Conrad felt responsible for Buck’s death?
  3. Do you think that Beth and Calvin were somewhat responsible for Buck’s death because they let their two boys go boating without an adult?
  4. Did Judith Guest succeed in making Beth a multi-dimensional character, or does she come across as a villain?
  5. Is it significant that Jeannine Pratt’s parents are divorced? If so, what is the significance?
  6. What purpose does Conrad’s fight with Stillman serve in the novel?
  7. How did Dr. Berger help Conrad? Do you feel like Conrad could have become healthier without the help of Dr. Berger?
  8. How did Dr. Berger help Calvin?
  9. Why did Calvin make the decision that he and Conrad would move to Evanston? Is this an example of trying to avoid problems, or an effort to move forward?
  10. Did the use of a stream-of-consciousness narrative enhance the story, or detract from it?
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