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1. Put in the correct form of the verb in brackets:

1. I can’t imagine living (live) in the country.

2. This letteris too difficult to write (write).

3. I stopped to play (play) tennis when I got married .

4. The man got into the house simply by(climb) the ladder.

5. Did you promise to take (take) the children to the zoo?

6. Crying (cry) won’t solve ourproblems.

7. I’d love visiting (visit) China.

8. Peter refused to help (help) us.

2. Use and –ing form or to + infinitive of the words inbrackets to complete each sentence.

1. You say that I’ve met Jane, but I can’t remember her.

I can’t remember to meet (meet) Jane.

2. Please, remember that youmust buy some stamps.

Please, remember buying (buy) some stamps.

3. John met Madonna once. He’ll never forget.

John will never forget meeting(meet) Madonna.

4. Sheila intended to phone Peter, but she forgot.

Sheila forgot to phone (phone) Peter.

3. Fill in the blanks with thecorrect form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Yesterday we all agreed meeting (meet) in front of Shelley’s house at 8.00, but Paul didn’t turn up. I suggestedwaiting (wait) for him, but others didn’t feel like to stand (stand) around. They said it was too cold. After half anhour, I decided that it was no use to wait (wait) any longer, and I left.

2. Can you imagine eating (eat) nine pizzas for one...