Alice in wonderland

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PART 1: line 1  24

1°) It’s really surprising! The tone of the Duchess’s language is friendly and the level is for high society. Before this extract the Duchessappeared as a hypocritical and rude protagonist, there is a huge transformation. We can see her real goal, she is clever because she knows Alice is in a “good relation” with the Queen (for themoment) and Duchess’ situation with the Queen is delicate. The Duchess treats Alice with friendliness and respect because she needs her. She determined to charm the young girl.

2°) Alice thinks one dayshe can become a Duchess probably in Wonderland. With her child eyes, Alice wants find a solution for the problem of the pepper. In Wonderland the pepper has a negative impact on the character’spersonality, as usual Alice lost in her reasoning and she thinks about another subject.

3°) This quotation sound like a moralistic sentence. It’s not appropriate for the Duchess to say that, it’s moresuitable for a professor. But we are in Wonderland and anybody can represent a teacher, for example an old turtle called Tortoise can be a teacher. Maybe it’s also appropriate for a mother to say thatsort of things at her child but when we talk about moral we can say that it exists a moral for everything in the context of Wonderland is a little humorous… A queen always says "Off with their heads!"and it’s appertain to the moral? It’s quite absurd!

PART 2: line 25  41

4°) Alice doesn’t like the Duchess’ appearance because she is very ugly but Alice tries to support the pain for not berude with the Duchess. The real reason is that Alice has good manners to the contrary of the Duchess.

5°) Alice talks about the crocket party and its sequence of events, the Duchess answer with amoral about love, there is no sense or maybe when she talks about love she refers to the Queen of Hearts. Alice thinks that everybody will be best if they occur about their own business. The Duchess...