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  • Publié le : 5 décembre 2010
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The prosperous countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States will always attract immigrants because these countries represent a new life. The problem in the United States is theillegal immigration. In fact, there are about 11-12 million illegal immigrants in the United States and the current immigration system is doomed to failure. That is why an US immigration reform isessential. This article “Obama calls for US immigration reform” raises the question of this immigration reform. It is an article written by Kent Klein and extracted from a website called “”. Itwas published in July 2010 and it deals with the will of President Barack Obama concerning an immigration policy reform. In a first part, I would speak about the necessity to set up an immigrationreform. In a second part, I would study the characteristics of this reform and in a third part, I would show the difficulties ant the curbs of such a reform.

First, it is generally agreed that it isnecessary to reform U.S. immigration policy. In fact, the system is damaged and collapsed. It worked in the past but from now on there are too much problems. It works for no one, either theimmigrants, of the government and or the employers. Moreover this immigration problem cannot be only resolved by building more fences like the border wall between Mexico and the United States. In fact, thisbarrier was built to prevent illegal movement across the Mexico and the Unites States border. Even if it is true that illegal immigration is less important with the wall than before, the problem is toovast and this resolution is not efficient any more. Besides it is necessary to reform the “moral imperative” (name given for the US immigration system by Mr. Obama) because states begin introducinglaws against illegal immigrants. In fact, it is the case in Arizona. In late April, Arizona passed a sweeping and controversial immigration bill authorizing police officers to stop suspected illegal...