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This documentary is about the corporations, on this documentary we learn that corporation is a big "brand" with a powerful hierarchy. But what is the original corporation…

At the origin a corporation was a group of people regrouped to do something special (build a building, a bridge or other stuff like that). these corporations were created with a fixed capital, time life and a precisefunction (What they do) and this corporation can't own another one. Another important ethical point is that share older were responsible of their corporation acts ! But originally it was to serve the public interest. The civil ware and the industrial time had stimulate the corporation creation due to the amount of rail road project and other industrial creation. At the end of this one some lawyersfound more profitable to change status of corporation and now a corporation is like a morale person in this way the 14em amendment protect them as a regular people…

But what is a moral person ? What the advantage for a corporation to be a corporation ? Take a studies case as a owner of 10 store in a city ; in order to simplify the financial management he would like to create a unique group withall his store on it. So he apply for a corporation and the government deliver a "license" and after that all the 10 stores are like one company and this company is a moral person and now this "human company" can buy, sell property, do a loan as a citizen. But the main difference with a citizen and new corporation is that a citizen as bad he could be have a morale conscience….while actualcorporation doesn't seem to have a morale conscience….

What the common objective between old corporation and actual ? The objective….make much money as possible. Due to a law a corporation have to take only care of his profits and no more to satisfy stocks holder. To maximize profits they try to externalize cost. But originally share older were responsible of corporation acts so they take care of thispoints because they can be put in jail ! In a corporation everybody work for the same objective : make money. Fews decates ago it was profitable for owner and almost all workers but now with all externalization, and relocation this profitability isn't well distributed !

As a big money maker a corporation prefer product where it's cheaper in order to maximize benefits and to answer positively aspossible at the main prerogative of corporation make stock holder happy ! But with this process we are in front of something what can be really dangerous at term form the work economy. As see on this documentary a dress sell at 200$ is payed 0.3$ at salvadorian producer. The ∆ between the selling price the production price is way too much, so globalization introduced by big corporation like Nike,Pfizer use development country to create money but they not redistribute these money (or not enough) in these countries. The original principe of corporation change….Where is the general interest for salvadorian payed 10$ per month …? They only use these countries because they are low cost and not for charity….

The world history provide to us to many history where corporation had done reallybad things for the world (public health, pollution and Ethical). Now every body is aware about the globalization and the low coast politic but even if these facts are sometime bad oriented in the human side or other this is stay at the border of the ethical…But what about the Fanta history or IBM….What worse than make money with a genocide…

Few years ago, before and during the 2nd world ware,it was the creation of International Business Machine (IBM), and the tyran Hitler was at the head of germany. To do his horrible plan with jude, disable guy and other he needed a really smart IT system to schedule organize the death of millions and millions peoples and who was in business at this date ? IBM. So IBM provide to Hitler computer and other stuff to managed this terrible enterprise...