Analyse swot microsoft (english version)

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  • Publié le : 19 mars 2010
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Points forts :

Part de marché (90%) et image de marque qui en ressort.
Microsoft et l'environnement ?
Une gamme de produits très diversifiés qui fait 30% de leur chiffre d'affaire : bureautique… lancement d'un anti virus aussi, msn, musique en ligne, location de film.
Influence politique énorme

Points faibles :

Une part de marché en constante baisse (on est passé sous la barresymbolique des 90%)
Microsoft est payant, hors beaucoup d'outils et même des systèmes d'exploitations sont désormais gratuits. C'est un point en défaveur de Microsoft (exemple open office / microsoft office)Opportunités :

Microsoft se lancerait dans les jeux (Microsoft game studio) et la télécommunication ?
Microsoft développe un partenariat avec facebook, très populaire.

Menaces :

LoiAnti-trust, obligé d'aider Mac a se développer.
Se reposer sur la part de marché énorme.

Now, we have to discuss about the strenghts of Microsoft.

As we said, this company is one of the mostpowerfull firm in the world. Microsoft owns 90% of the market share of this sector. The company is also in a situation of near-monopoly, because Microsft doesn't have any really competitors. Apple, whichholds the second place in terms of market share, owns just approximately 9%. This high market share allowed Microsoft to invest in research, and develop some new technologies. The image of the compagnyis also very positive.

That's why this firm has a real political power. It is easy to understand that a company as Microsoft has more than an economic power, because the health of this organizationhas a real repercution on the health of the whole society. In fact, when Microsoft develop a hiring policy, or dismiss a significant number of people, the whole economy is affected. It is also anobligation for the authorities to have good relations with Microsft, and to take account of their needs.

The environnment is another thema, which can be seen as a strenght for them.For example,...