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aisThe document is an extract of the book "Doctor at Large" who was written by Richard Gordon.The Extract is called a Hospital board in Northumberland
and we have threecharacters who are mentionned who are Dr Gordon;a doctor who hope to find a job in this hospital.The second characters is a surgeon of the hospital who belongs to the comitee and thelast characters is the Dr Bryce-Derry the chairman of the hospital.
The scene takes place in the different room.Indeed at the begining the scene takes place with RichardGordon who is stand in the waiting room.
Then,Richard gordon goes in the comitee room for this next interview.Indeed he marched into the comittee room and inside the room he claspedthis hands under the table and he tried to answer all the question to ask the comitee.During this interview,Richard Gordon has the whole length of the table whith the committeein a line opposite, and increased this confidence for the continuation of this interview and he think this interview i succesful for him because he feel doing well,particularywhen the tall surgeon said of this career at St Swithin's,the last one hospital who he works. At the end of the interview the atmosphere became odd in the room. Indeed, he feltbewildered when the comitee ask about if is a member of "Medical Defence Union".The Chairman became angry because he scowling and this malevolence for Richard Gordon wasimpossible to explain .
The comitee,at the begining of the interview is very satisfactory because,the members of comitee used a words like "excellent" or "very well". Furthermore,thechairman smile to him but at the end he becames slowly,he paused,sudden after the answer of Richard,the commitee members look the blottig-paper and became angry and scowling.