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1er: John mayer, 26 year-old-man, who sufered from Aids since his 19 year-old, has cured of the most murderess deases. Thanks to Doctor Hartmann, who teach in the famous college Harvard Med,has discovered the remedy and we have finally a hope of 40 millions persons' faith healding. Hartmann asserts, moreover, that this remedy is natural and is composed with plants which come fromMorocco. Finally he declares that it causes no allergies.
The american hospital requisitonned to be consacred for research. The remedy is tested and would be marketed in few years.

2ieme:After Apple and Blackberry, the brand new fruity Pineapple has a considerable success. The brand offers new concept phones. Pineaple includes the best of apple and blackberry and offers moreoptions. Unfortunately, it's not totally perfect. Indeed, several components explode after 120 hours of use. If you are concerned about this problem you can get your money back. But the positiveis that if you buy one Pineapple's product you get one free pineapple to taste.


if your are fed up of your life on Earth, we have the solution: you can take up residence in Marsthanks to Harvel industry. The red planet receive this new project. You can buy your own home for only 300 000 $*. It offers all modern converniences with his amazing golf with 19 holes,swimming pool,

4ieme article:

A pregnant man ? Yes, it exists. At least, since last month in Australia, thanks to Linda Farwell, gynaecologist, tried, for a long time, to solve infertilityproblem.
« The implementation of an uterus male was the most difficult of the researches, she says pained »
The Futur man, the pregnant man will allow to give hope to couples where the womanis sterile.
Indeed, this new research allowed to 6 couples to overcome the infertility problem.
But this project has assumed a lot of criticism from the government who consider that unatural.