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An inconvenient truth

The journalist: « Hi Al Gore, I want to know why are you so implicated on the question of global warming? »

Al Gore: « Good question, since I lost againstmy rival in 2000, I decided to focus on a main point to me, namely the problem of global warming. This is a truth, before I didn't have time left to treat this subject but now, I think that I can dosomething to change the World because it's a big problem concerning everyvody »

The journalist: « You said that ice of mountains reduced, so what it will happen? »

Al Gore: « The fact is there'sno water anymore in some place like in the United States or Peru, consequently a lot of people die and suffer from deshydration. In fact, everybody drinks water from rivers which derives frommountains, so if there is no ice there, there's a big problem about human race. »

The journalist: « To this problem, do you have some solutions? »

Al Gore: « Yes, I do. In fact, I intend to go fromcities to cities and from families to families so that the world can hear me. As Vice President, I supported the creation of a carbon tax, to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas emissions and hadpromoted the Kyoto protocol for the same reasons. »

The journalist: « Ok, and for the victims of the thaw, what will you do? Their buildings destroyed, where will they hide? »

Al Gore: « It'scertainly an important problem. First, we estimate to 200,000 thousand people who are homes because of global warming. In spite of the fact they are many, we try to help as much as we can and try to find aplace for everybody to sleep. »

The journalist: « We often speak about the global warming, but what are the major consequences?

Al Gore: « The major consequences concern all the countries likeUSA, Japan or India. Indeed, the global warming causes very violent changes on Earth, due to the greenhouse effect, the base of the ice and pollution increase the heat ..Then, we have consequences...