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Some countries are using curfews to reduce or stop the vandalism, noise, or any other behavior deemed unacceptable. I think it's a really goodidea. Many people are attacked at night a curfew would prevent. Those who hang out in the streets and such are generally there just to cause trouble. I thinkchildren have nothing to do in the streets at night. they do not need to go out at night to see their friends as they see them all day at school .Curfew canmake streets a safer place at night. In France in some cities have adopted the curfew like Nice. I think it's a good idea because if the young are in thestreets after 23h they don’t have the bravery to go to class the next morning. A curfew can be reducing the high rate of criminality in cities. I think thecurfew should even affect children under 16 years

I think curfews are really unfair. Teenagers also have rights. Prohibited teenagers to buyalcohol or entering in bars before their majority seems to be enough the rest is the responsibility of parents. All minors out after 23h are not juveniledelinquents. Why talk of a curfew as if France was at war? Could not we just remind parents that their children under 13 years do not have to hang around thestreets from 21h. I think that is disproportionate. I think they are fair in extreme cases but certainly not all teenagers. In a country like France is not agood idea. Is the parent’s role to impose limits for their children. I think that parents should decide if their kids need a curfew, instead of the government.