Blitz in london

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Describe the effects of the blitz on London and other cities.

The blitz was the attack of German aircraft on British cities between 1940 and 1941, right after the phoney war and the firstair-battle of the “Battle of Britain”.
It affected the different British cities, the citizens and the way people by changing basic life-routine (Gas, water, food ect... reduced), it created services (Homeguards or fire department.), change the infrastructure of the country and had devastating effects in human lives or building destroyed but also changed the British history/culture.

London as thecapital city of the UK, was a bit of a symbol to the rest of the UK, as long as London could stand in the flames and not collapse, like the St Paul Cathedral, then the rest of the country will stand. Thegermans understood that and bombed London with more than 18,000tons of bombs. London had a large population, therefor the effects on people were enormous, by the end of the blitz 29,900 people died,and another 1,110,000 were made homeless, as million of houses were completely destroyed by the bombs. Not only houses were destroyed, the whole infrastructure was touched in London, economy wasgreatly affected, also historical or religious centres were bombed such as the St Paul Cathedral, which was saved, at all cost, as a symbol as for the people.

Liverpool is another example of a city thatwas really affected by the blitz, but in a different way than London. Liverpool was the second most bombed city and had a week of intense bombing, by 1941 4 000 people died in Liverpool by the enemyactions. It’s mostly the docks that were targeted; half of them were destroyed, as it had a huge amount of troops and resources such as food but also weapons, from the USA, coming in Liverpool port.Because most of British troops were fighting on the different fronts there was a lack of defence and services in Britain to protect them from invasion or various attacks. That is how the civil...