Chicken for the death

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2nd – Letter Writing


Aim : Imagine ou are an employee at Dorki Branch of KFC. Write a letter to your English friend explaining your new job.Include reference to the text

Dear John,
How you’ve been ? Its been now more than two weeks since i didnt write ! To be honnest, i’v been really busy with my new job at Dorki Branch of KFC. It is justgréât ! But i’ll tell you all about it in a few lines. First how are you ? Hws your job ? Is your boss less of a tyran ?
Well for me, I think its the first time in my life that i feel finally free,responsable and somehow ..normal ! The first 3 days days were quite hard . due to our death problem we were used to beeing spoilt, taken care of, and very lazy, it was a huge change. But time passedby and we started liking Sarhan. Sarhan is one of the many store manager,he is very young,just got married. He is only 28, but i have to tell you, he is quite an admirable person. He is the one whohad the idea of making this new branch of KFC run by deaf people, and he is the one that came to see us at the Deaf Society of Heliopolis. He is very determined, he was even ready to learn the signlanguage, very impressing i believe. Anyways, you must Wonder how it is possible for me to understand when the client comes amd ask me for menus. Well its simple, we use images for every single ingredientor menu and light signals so that that there isnt any misunderstanding. It actually is a good way to compensate for the lack of verbal communication. And so far the restaurant has been a hugesuccess for both the employées and us since it really has been a incredible expérience to be able to work normally and feel normal, and not like some retard person that cannot hear. Yesterday Sarhan toldus that yet, he considered us as is family. It was really nice of him. I think I consider him as my mentor, you see, he has been unsiderably nice and has created this link between all of us. Now i...