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Suicide in the workplace is not a characteristic of the Western world. A recent poll brings back that a factory of sportswear goods which employes 420 000 persons know a series of suicides, sincethe beginning of the year 2010.

Twenty employees killed themselves, since the beginning of this year, falling from the top of the buildings of this factory. The last one is a 22-year-old young man.He started his work at the factory 42 days ago.

We called the chairman and managing director, of this famous US, for an interview, then we ask him about this wave of suicides, he said « my companyhas never mistreated its Chinese employees, they are well-paid… », latter he added « you know, I founded this compagny on my own and I intend to respect the principle of human dignity, I will neveraccept the fact that my employees are badly treated » and as we began to discuss about the young man who committed suicide, he replied « this employee has not been able to cope with stress », and whenwe asked about what was this stress, he added « this is not the point, I don’t know anything about this young boy, but I assume he was a bit silly to comit an instinctive action like this one, this isnot my problem ».

But the reality is quite different. In a huge workshop there are thousands and thousands of workers who work in chain without break and neither food nor
water. They work 17hours a day, 7 days a week for only 40€ per month. They live in dreadful conditions at the factory, far away from their families, and sleep on the concrete floor. In brief, workers must
respect amilitary discipline and they live in poverty and, also, sickness.

It is clear that the health at job is not the

priority in « the Middle Kingdom ». However the firm has begun setting up anassistance to the salaried employees who ask for it. Soft music has made its entrance in workshops and buddhist monks are invited to honour the memory of the died workers.
It is not the psychoanalyst...