Commentaire de texte sur une des publicités : "got milk ?"

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  • Publié le : 29 septembre 2010
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This document is an ad for milk which is part of an awareness campaign : « Got milk ? ». The last-mentioned launched a few years ago – exactly en 1996 – in the USA and in the Great Britain. First, weare made to discover the structure : on the one hand the photography and on the other hand the copy. Then, we are introducing to the message.

This poster is composed of many elements. The firstelement is the boxer in a middle without who they would be no first attraction. Straight away, we can see the imposing man with his dark hair and dusky skin. If we pay attention to the entire poster,we can see who the man is : he is Oscar De La Hoya, boxing champion. The second element is the boxing robe with the Star-Spangled Banner which is on his back and falls on the floor, behind the manfoot. The milk mustache shows that he drank milk. The last element is the catchphrase and the copy written in Spanish and translated in English. This copy explains that it is very important to drink milkfor “strong muscles” because it is making up “high-quality protein” and above all, “without the fat”.
The target’s ad is first and foremost the sporty but too all people on the world because evenif on the photography, there is a boxing champion, there isn’t write in the text that this milk is only for them. In this text, there are pronouns which we represent like : “you” and “your”. We notethat this ad is representative of the multicultural society about many elements. In fact, the fact wrote in two languages : the English and the Spanish. Moreover, the man wears on his shoulders aboxing robe that may represent this country because it is an American or in order to may show again that this ad is for the entire world : American, European… The boxer strengthens the idea that it’s veryimportant to drink milk because certain persons think that is more important if there is a celebrity who accepted to do the photography. Perhaps because they are more influenced or they identify...