Compte rendu de stage

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Compte rendu de stage

I carried out my second training in the Kyriad hotel of Compiegne; it is one three stars and fact left the group Louvrehotel. He account 45 rooms. During six weeks I have worked with the desk clerks and the director of the hotel. I had flexible hours, From 7:00 am till 3:00pm, or from 3:00 pm till 11:00 pm.

During all this training I welcoming, informed and guided the customers. I made check-in (arrival) and check out(departure) of the customers; they are done on the software operated group Louvre hotel. I took part in the organization of seminars and day of study.I took reservations of rooms (chamber) or rooms by telephone and email. At the end of November I made of the filing, that is I tidied up thereservations in the file of the reservations rooms(chambers) and seminaries(seminars) of the month current and made a new file for December.

Besides, Irealized tasks which are not manager assistant. Like the fact of passing the vacuum cleaner, to make the linen and plunges it, it had to be done theeveryday because there was no cleaning lady to the hotel except the chambermaids which dealt only with the rooms. The disadvantage of these daily tasks it isthat I lose 2 or 3h, therefore in 6 weeks of training I don't have time to achieve much mission

What I appreciated it's the direct contact with thecustomers, to accommodate them, of their indicated one is the room or the room seminar. That enabled me to learn all that comes within relational.