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  • Publié le : 6 octobre 2010
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Report of Special Agent Alloudi Sofiane

Today Monday, October 4, 2010 I spy suspect from Russia. His name is Andrei Rastapapoulos, he is35 years, he is divorced but he has 3 children.
-At 7:45, the suspect got up. Then he went to buy bread, he put 12 minutes to completethis action.
-At 9:30, he left his home to go to his job that is accountable.
-At 11:25, he went out to smoke his cigarette, he started5 min of smoking.
-At 12:45, he went to ask her to the cafeteria which is located 3 minutes from her job. He was with 2 women and 2 men.There was a break of 1 hour. When was the chemain to go back his job, I could see he was on the phone and I think it would be prettyserious because he was far behind his colleagues.
-Then at 15:00, he came out again to smoke a cigarette, but at the same time he was on thephone.
-At 15:10, he returned to the company.
-At 17:30, he finished his work. It takes 15 minutes to go home.
-Then at 17:55, it downthe garbage and go back home, it takes 7 minutes to complete this action.
-At 18:27, a man had come home, he was a medium build, helooked to have between 33 and 38 years. It sounds from Andrei and then he goes home. He emerged from his house to 20:15. But he had a package inhis hands and the man waited for the bus and went home.

-Then at 21:30, he was eating. From 22:00 to 23:00, he looked on television.