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"In my 18 years I decided to go alone, discovering a new country ..."
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"So I decided to leave India with a friend, and godo something useful.

It was a really good experience and I am delighted to have done, I'm not ready to forget!

I left two weeks, depending on the program, we made different actions but it waspossible to choose whether they preferred one or the other, that the "beautification" for 3 weeks, to say the renovation of the interior of the school, or "fairing" for two weeks, we deal instead of thecourt in the school, planting plants and flowers then our protection with branches recovered during the "cleansing" of the dense vegetation around the school.

We did this morning. In the afternoon,we were free, which allowed us to know ourselves better and to create a good atmosphere within the group.
Indeed, we were of different nationalities, and it was very interesting to talk with peopleabout a whole bunch of subjects, since we were all so different since the age of participants ranged from 18 to 30 years.

The excursions were great too, the Taj Mahal is very impressive and thecities of India are all different and very exotic. A Pamlapur where we often went by bus because it was very near the camp, people are a little more used to seeing Europeans including volunteers while inDelhi for example people are more curious but still very nice.

The camp is very nice surrounded by the Himalayas, near a few shops and our guides were very nice!

I was a little scared becausemy English was not very good but eventually it went well because people were adorable group of English and helped us get used to the top is very well and the important thing is to talk, people alwaysunderstand us, the coaches speak very well and there was no problem either.

I loved this trip I met people funky I reviewed mostly after travel and who I custody contact. The people are very...