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My Trip:

I had a nice trip. We had to be at the station at 6:00 am, even if we woke up very early, we weren't so much tired. Thinking that in a couple of hours we will be with our penfriend make us felt extactic. It's was very important to keep with us our identity paper in order to avoid that one of them lose it. The trip in the plane was thrilling, we could seethe landscaps throw the the window. We had arrived around 18:00 pm in the Stockholm's airport.

My stay in Uppsala:

Uppsala was such a magnificient place! There were a majority of young people who studied there. There were many shops and restaurants scattered in the town. What struck me most was the candy shop!! There were so much sweets and we could buy them in a cheap price!! When Iwas in Uppsala with my penfriend, we did shopping or we went to a coffee. I discovered that Swedish people ate whatever and whenever they want even thought they ate one hour before. That's why there were always too many people in the coffee.
Otherwise I believe that Uppsala was a dynamic town, I read in the leaflet that the city organised several events like concerts.

My Arrival in the family:At the airport, when we were just about to meet out family, we were all stressed but as the same time we were so eager to see again our correspondent!
My host family was so kind-hearted. As soon as I put my luggage in the car's trunk Caroline's mother started to question me. My penfriend lived around one hour from Stockholm, during the journey by car, she put the cd of my favourite bande,she knew that I was so keen on this music! Then, we arrived at home, she made me view her house after that we ate pasta, it was delightful and I came in my bed wich was cosy, I was so tired.
My impressions on swedish food:
To be honest, I didn't eat very often in my swedish family because I ate in Uppsala in some fast food or restaurants. At the swedish-french party I tried to taste swedishdishes. I wasn't too pleased the swedish cheese but I liked very well the other dishes. I didn't remember the name of the food! To my mind, they ate a lot of spicy food.

My life in the Swedish High school:

The daily routine in the swedish high school was definately different than the french high school. Actually, the swedish students could arrive late a class, it was totally allowed, theycould see their mobil during the lesson. In France we must turn off it in order to follow the teacher.
In my opinion, in Sweden, pupils are more close with their teachers. What struck me most was the fact that they could do whatever they want if they wouldn't disturb the lesson but the class were not in a mess, they respected their professor.

My Visits:

I did several visits. The firstone was a museum called Gustavianum wich represented one of the oldest university in Sweden. I saw there a old cabinet of art, a sort of amphitheatre where professors taugh to their students how to dissect people. I visited Uppsala too, with all the shops or the The Concert House. I went to Stockholm, were I went to The Vasa Museum, there was an old ship, who sailed only 20 minutes ! Then, I wantto the Nordic museum, a place where I discovered all Swedish folks and traditions, it was truly interesting. In the last days, We all went to Fjällnora, a wonderful place, where I walked on the ice ! It was great ! And I enjoyed a lot grilling sausages on the fire !

The Best moment of the journey:

My Best moment was when we were in Fjällnora. Everyone smiled and look overjoyed. Ihad never grilled my sausage like that, I really appreciated it. If I had been told that the last day in Sweden will be as much fantastic I wouldn't have believed it!
How lucky we were to be there with a good weather. The sauna was the icing on the cake!
The worst moment of your journey:
To my mind the worst moment of my journey was when we had to leave our penfriend. We became acquainted with...