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Should experimentation on human beings be restricted ?

For a long time, experimentation on human beings, was totally authorized and used by scientists,but with time, they have abused. This subject makes us reflect whether experimentations on human beings, should be restricted or not. In a first hand, we are going to presentthe abuses and in a second hand we gonna present the positives points.

Abusing experimentation isn't good for humans because it presents a lot of weaknesses.
Actually,Humans are used as guinea-pig, scientists take them to make experimentation for their fame and celibrity, not to improve Human sciences. For instance, in the Second World War,Nazis took Jew, Black and Gay people to test some experiments to find a vaccine. Theirs experimentations were just used to get involved in science history.
Furthermore,experimentation can have repercussions on the tested person : that causes ethical problems, for exemple if a man is experimented on, he can be demoralized and depressive.

Onthe other hand, experimentation can be useful if scientists respect limits and treat the Human like a Human and not just like a subject.
Indeed, some experimentations arebeneficial for human beings. For exemple, if somebody were touched by a disease like breast cancer, a surgical operation can be useful (without ethical problems) to take off thecancer.
Exerimentations can also save lives. With pregnent women, a prebirth diagnosis can save the future children.

To summarise, experimentations have their qualitiesand faults. An operation can be very intersting and very beneficial if the human being is respected and informed of the risks of operation whichh he is going to undergo.