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Alan Lewis

Assignment 1
The internet web site that I have chosen to write my report on is the Department of Justice. This site is a very well organized webpage sponsored by the Canadiangovernment. It is updated on a regular basis by the government officials within the Department of Justice responsible for this site. This web site is a very resourceful one and it allows the people ofCanada to be informed of all aspect of the Canadian legal system, legislation, government regulations and their updates.

As we open the page, we can see a list of new headlines of recent activitiesin the legal world of Canada. This web site informs us of the department itself. In this category, we can read about the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General, Robert Nicholson. We can alsoread about the structural organization of the Department of Justice. The web site tells its readers that approximately five thousand people, half of them being lawyers, work in the department andcontribute to the legal system. The second category relates to what the mandate of the Department of Justice is, namely to support the dual roles of the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General ofCanada. Another category is the strategic outcomes explaining what the Department of Justice aims to obtain. One of these strategic outcomes is to ensure an operational justice system that reflects Canadianvalues. The information given in this category, “The Department”, is very informative and helpful for anybody who wants to learn more about this legal department, present in today’s society. We canalso find numerous articles on recent legal activity in Canada, for example who was appointed as judge of the Superior Court of Quebec. We can find similar information about the courts in each provinceacross Canada. Along the borders of the site, we can see other linked sites relevant to the Canadian legal system. One of them is “Tackling Crime” where we can find many articles and information...