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1)The principal issues that CMCS are facing are:
-On the top,trying to grow in the whole world without loosing the quality of the staff and the business.
-Financial,human resources and marketingservices are centralized in the Dubai office,so CMCS should expand the HR department in all countries.
-Keeping morale high as the company’s developing in the whole world.
-Identify new staff.

2)Iwould have been working on improving the roles of managers by giving to the most competent ones some shares in the company to motivate them more.Moreover,seniors should be given more responsibilitiesand lot of personal attention until they felt recognized and valued.Therefore they could identify new business opportunities and new targets and they will had an attractive bonus.
In addition,todevelop the enterprise abroad,we should focus on creating an HR department in each country which can recruite good staff and guide them to do “the extra mile”and of course maintaining them and addressingtheir needs to managers.So that we don’t loose the quality of the business and we conserve the same level of good project in every branch.
So in brief we could do some changes in the status of thecompany and let it become the main interest of the whole staff.

3) Developing a company is an opportunity of all its members to come together and look at their areas of expertise and collectivelydecide the future of the enterprise.Therefore its is so important to bring together key employees,diverse interest groups in order to create good communication and motivation.
I recommend the CEO ofthis company to focus of the human capital by creating an HR department in each country which facilitates the work of other managers in the organisation and help them to acquire and use the skills,techniques and attitudes that they need to make sure that HRM policies are implemented throughout the organisation.Moreover,the HR department will maintain the quality of the business and the staff so...