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Which would exite you more? The offer of enough venture capital to start your own business.

I think that the offer of enoughventure capital to start your own business would exite me more.
In fact, I think that when you have your own company it give you a verygood satisfaction.
For me, this very pleasant when you saw your company after some years. The process, to create your company, is verycomplex. So after having done all this operations you are satisfy when you company have a good wealth.
I have got ambitions and forme it is my objective to create my company. I like to manage people and to take decisions. For me a good manager, who want to create acompany, have to invest himself in his company. More ever, he has to have a good instruction. It’s for this that I am at ISG Paris tohave goods notions in finance, management and marketing. I have got a BTS accountancy so I have got a good level in accountancy andsocial management.
I want to create my own company to been a manager and develop my company. It is very important, on my opinion, totry to develop your project and not to try to stay at the same level.
To conclude, I can say that this objective of start my own isvery important for me. I think that I can realize this objective because I have got the motivation which is necessary to success.