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Ernesto Manimtim Junior

First Summary

In ``Florida pastor says going ahead with koran burning`` Kevin Gray states that even though U.S. officials arewarning a christian pastor, Terry Jones, that his actions may cause the american troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to be in grave danger, he will still go on with the burningof the koran. The reason that Terry Jones wants to proceed with this event, is to send a message to the islam culture that they will not influence the United Statesand that Muslims should obey the american laws and constitution. The official date Terry Jones wants to do this is on september 11th, the same day as the worldtrade center incident that occured in 2001. The koran-burning is extremely dangerous to U.S. lives because of angered afghan and Indonesian people, two of the world’smost populous Muslim countries. Even in Iraq, U.S. forces may be targeted by Muslim extremists if this event will take place on september 11th. U.S. troops aren’t safeand Barack Obama might loose all the efforts he put in to reach out to Muslims. Many people have been outraged by this event like actress Angelina Jolie, CanadianDefense Minister Peter Mackay and more. Authorities are taking security mesurements in Gainesville where th event is supposed to take place at Jones Church called theDove World Outreach Center wich has only around 30 members. In any case, Terry Jones received many death threats and city officials will not give him a burningpermit. However, if he still goes on with the koran-burning, Obama will be blamed for it and they will arrest this christian pastor and shut down his church for good.