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Open Collaboration

A company can need to have alliances with competitors, market or even its own customers and users. The open collaboration helps to know their needs and improve the quality of the product, or even its content. This enable the organization to grow and develop with less internal efforts and staff costs for example.
Indeed, even if some companies are alreadyhuge they cannot deprive to reach a million people information and points of view source.
In some types of organizations, such as high technologies industries or knowledge organizations, this method has incredibly increased.
For Google Inc., a high technology industry, this method has been a determinant factor of its growth, the development of its new innovative tool.
Nowadays, Google is for mostpeople the symbol of free services on the web.

I The company
A) History of the company
At the beginning, Google was based in a garage in California. There was about 1 million request, at the end of the same year, this number has been increased by ten. Through its development, Google always tried to reach the artificial intelligence. People can also look for world maps, locations, books,art galleries, pictures and much, much more.
Google was found in 1998 during the growth of web engine sites in 1998. The aim of this website was to help people to find whatever they look for on Internet. The expansion of the web helped Google to develop in an incredible way. To face competition, Google’s competitive advantage was to index public websites.
Today, Google is the most visitedwebsite on the web. Most of the people searching for information use Google. Its competitors, such as Yahoo have huge difficulties trying to follow the number one, which is the most efficient and the quicker. Sometimes, the relevance of the results does not correspond to the requests, but it is constantly improving, the open collaboration plays a great role in it.
Since its creation, Google has grownvery quickly, not only on the search engine sector, but also in the whole Internet market, buying competitors and high potential websites. Its benefits are about 4 billion and are increasing every year. Those figures are impressive but Google is more known for the way they treat their employees and its management methods, which are real innovations in the work conditions. Their aim is to banishstress, have more relaxed employees makes them more efficient and creative.
While implementing its new technologies, Google had some issues concerning intellectual property, and reticence of old-fashion people to this democratization and accessibility of information, “from everyone and for everyone”. Despite, the multinational always succeeded in adapting its model to its environment by taking theright decision, for each project.

Google and the open source:
The main principle of Google is to be free, such as Open Source software
Google is trying to increase its range of services. For that, they implemented several projects, such as:
* Google Summer Code create and develop a community of free software and allows the students to bring new ideas and contribute to the projects
*Google Code Hosting is a special server to host the free software
* Google Code Search is a search engine specialized on the open source and free software
* Several other Open Source projects have been created and published with a special license called Apache 2 and bring together:
* Chromium, the basis of the Google Chrome navigator
* Androïd, exploitation system forthe mobile phone
* Google Web Toolkit, special software to program applications
* Google Wave, a special platform based on the web 2.0 and on the participation tools
* Go, a new language for programming
The open source allows people to develop the software and experience the coding and programming of software adapted to everyone and to use them.
B) Triggers...