Guerre desessecion

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Guerre de Sécession "Civil War"1861-1865



The United-States were born twice.
- The first time after the war ofindependence against Great Britain (1775-1783).
- The second time in the Civil War when the south wanted to secede from the north.(two million six hundred thousand fighters, six hundred eighty thousandvictims out of thirty-five million inhabitants )
At the beginning:
• The United States-of America the Union - The North,
• And Eleven Confederate States of America – The South
Every battlehappened in the southern states and devastated
-New means of combat were used (battleship, repeating gun, submarine)

Part 1: The origins of the conflict or determining events

There were differences inthe economic development, population and facilities between the north (industrial, protectionist and abolitionist) and the south, agrarian, supporter of slavery worsened, for instance regarding theissue on slavery until it divided the North and the South.
•the northern region consisted of twenty-two million of inhabitants
• the confederacy consisted of nine million of inhabitants.
In theirrivalry, the conquest of the west was also at stake. Each party wanted to get newly-created states on their side but this complicates the matter all the more .Senator Kentucky Henry Clay of theconfederate government proposed the Missouri compromise which allowed slavery in the south, whereas prohibited it in the north.

- compromised by the Missouri in 1820

- compromised of 1850

- actKansas-Nebraska of 1854

- Creation of the republican Party in 1854 opposite to the extension of the slavery in the new territories, and resuming the ideals of the former party Whig.

- Election of therepublican Abraham Lincoln in the presidency of the Union in

Part 2: The progress of the war

The hostilities began April 12th, 1861, when the confederate strengths attacked(affected) a...