Guerre froide

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Growing up in a certain place

Paris! The most beautiful city in the world? During all the time that I spent there, I always ask myself about this. In fact , I was born in Paris during thewinter of 1992 from a middle class family .I really enjoy growing up in this city , it teach me a lot .Now that I am 19 , and that I study in America , I love to remember of my childhood’smemories. And the thing that I notice is, the only fact to remember about Paris wake me my sense up.

I spent 18 years there , and when I first though about Paris ,is in the one hand visualthing .In fact I can remember when I was in infant school , when I was crying when I saw my mother left me at the school , I saw her went away. Or another example all the coloring that I did whenI was a little child; if I have to count them I will spend hours and hours. Moreover my vision of life has changed over the years thank to all my experience in this city. For instance when I was akid, I was looking at school like something very boring, but now with the experience I know for sure that school is very important. Obviously I remember all the famous places like the bigEiffel tour: the first time that I went there and that I remember I was 3. I was walking when I saw this giant thing stretch to the sky; my eyes did not want to take off this thing. Actually almost mysouvenirs came from a vision of a moment, an action. I like to say when I talk about my childhood's memories that I do kind of movies on my head: and obviously the more needed sense to appreciate amovie is sight .

But in the other hand, the hearing is inescapable .First and most obviously thing is that the sound are assailable to the vision that I have. There somethingthat I love to do, is to put a song and it always remind me a part of my life, when I was listening to that song. For instance before to come in the us I loved to listen to "you can't tell me nothing...