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Our History : During the year 2008, a group of newcomers to the Ottawa-Gatineau region decided to organize multicultural potluck parties with dancing (mostly salsa) in order tocreate social interaction between themselves and to connect with their chosen community. Due to the increase of popularity of their activities, they created a dedicated Social Club and withthe support of the Salsa community, fans, friends (See our links), they held their first public salsa party (Domingo Loco) in June 2010 at Parc Moussette.

The founders chose the Spanish name“Salsa LOca” not only to express their dancing spirit, but also the reflect the crazy diversity of people that constitutes its Membership

Our activities: With the focus of avoiding schedulingconflict with other salsa activities in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, we organize (thematic) salsa parties. We may also organize and co-organize special events. Our parties are a combination ofgreat music, awesome food, entertaining workshops and warm atmosphere with wonderful people.

As hardcore dancers, we also teach Latin and Afro-Latin dances for beginners and intermediatedancers. Our programs are open to all and may include choreographies to be performed on stage.

Mission Statement A non-profit interest group aimed at creating social interaction and buildingcommunity, Salsa LOca is proud to participate and support social activities linked to its mandate, and to contribute to strengthen and expand the salsa community of the Ottawa-Gatineau regiontrough social activities as well as social networks

Our Team Salsa LOca is run by a group of dedicated volunteers including Nargiza, Guzela, Margarita, Ayako (general administrator), Dave JC,Alex, Monique , Josée, Rachel, Anya with collaboration from members of the Salsa community. Louis - Patrick Comeau (LP) is the founder and the creator of the Salsa LOca Social Club.