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The islands of Guernsey lie in the bay of St Malo in the English Channel, about 30 miles from the north coast of France and 70 miles from the south coast of England.
Although Guernsey isgeographically much closer to France than the UK, it is loyal to the British crown. This loyalty can be traced back to Norman times when the Channel Islands first became part of the English realm and forms thebasis of the island’s constitution.
Today the island is self-governing and enjoys the same level of independence it has had since first becoming associated with England.
Guernsey’s ability to lookafter its own fiscal affairs has meant that it has been able to foster a favourable tax climate. This has led to many offshore banks, fund managers and insurance companies establishing here. Whilstthe traditional industries of flower growing, fishing and dairy farming still play an important part, contributing both to the varied economy and to the island’s character. There are also a number ofhigh profile light industries based on the island, including Specsavers Optical Group and Healthspan.
Guernsey also has its own stamps and currency, and while British pounds can be used on theisland, Guernsey pounds cannot be used in the UK.
Guernsey people enjoy their free time. Being an island, with a warmer climate than the UK, much time is spent outside; on the beach, walking the cliffs,island hopping or eating ‘al fresco’. The Island has great sporting facilities and a programme of sporting events throughout the year.
Follow the links below for further, information about themany different aspects of life on Guernsey.
Guernsey’s history begins at around 8000BC when Guernsey was separated from mainland Europe by rising sea levels. Evidence of hunting and fishing datingback to 6500BC has been found, and around 4500BC Les Fouillages burial mound was built by Neolithic man and is possibly the oldest manmade structure in Europe. Evidence of settlements and farming...