La seconde guerre mondiale cause et conséquences

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Tips to be a successful university student

Student have to respect some tips to be successful; they have to agree with the

rules established by the university andthey have to develop the faculty to work

in group. Indeed, it is not easy for everyone because some students do not like to

follow rules or instructions, but it is vitalin order to live serene in community.

University looks like a little city and each student have a big role to play to be

successful in his studies in order to performas well as possible in the university

with the other students. In fact, there is a hierarchy, which has to be respected

between professors and students, but this typeof tips is not written anywhere.

Nevertheless, some rules are already written and anchored in students’

mentalities, as to be constantly update in their work. Inanother context, some

students spend more time at the university than at their house, therefore, to know

how to live in group it is already necessary to agree to work ingroup. For

instance, many projects have to be treated in group. Students have to be aware,

that the university tries to give them a teamwork’s spirit, which is no wondera

crucial quality in any kind of profession. Naturally, all this, needs a rigorous and

well-kept work by the student. Consequently, the most important thing is toremember that the professor belongs to the team and is not against it.

For example, the student has to take into account the professor’s remarks and

criticismsconcerning his work, to improve it. To sum up, few but fundamental

rules have to be followed by any ambitious student, as soon as and which could

lead him to succeed.
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