Lecture analytique le loup et le chien

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The Scorpion III, powered by BMW, is a carefully distilled blend of the best technology from theworlds of two and four wheeled motoring. Agile and compact, the Scorpion's performance, roadholding and handling prowess rank with the very best regardless of the number of wheels, and the exhilaration itdelivers defies description. For well over a decade, Mark Grinnall has led a talented team of technicians dedicated to high performance motoring. In search of an original but affordable highperformance concept, they turned their minds to a three wheeler, which, unlike any of its classic ancestors would be high tech, mid engined and rear driven. In 1992, Steve Harper, an award-winning freelanceautomotive stylist, was commissioned to pen an exciting new design. The eye-catching results were faithfully translated into production. The space frame and sophisticated suspension beneath that shapewere refined and tested in collaboration with leading engineering analysts Mecal of Holland, to guarantee the highest safety standards

consistent with the lowest possibleweight. The test programme substantially exceeded the standards required for registration in most countries. The Scorpion has full TÜV approval - and that its standards are of the highest is furtherconfirmed by BMW, who approve of the use of their power-train by Grinnall Specialist Cars and supplies the company on an OEM basis. The latest in a long line of British threewheelers, the Scorpionlooks forward rather than backwards. It is built to an ultra-modern design using up-to-the minute construction techniques which owe far more to today's race car technology than they do to history. Thefinished product is handbuilt from a combination of specially crafted and carefully selected components, and has been designed to comply with all current EC legislation. The latest 1200cc 6-speed...