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What is the role of the real estate agent and his/her relations with the notary in France?

French properties are sold/deal via notaries (public notary) or via estate agents(immobiliers)or via both. We have to notice that the majority of overseas buyers buy house via estate agents. Indeed they are more likely to deal with someone who speaks English. Even overseas buyers aremainly dealing with the estate agent the notary as an important role to play. In deed the final contract has to be written by the notary. He has to oversee the legal aspect of the sale. The estate agentwill often be a link between buyers and the notary.

1) the role of the real estate agent:
Real estate agent is a very varied job managed in France by the real estate agents act (loi hoguet) fromthe second January 1970.
That act enumerates the roles of the real estate agent role. His activities can be divided in two parts:
In a first part real estate agent has civilians activities as theselling, purchasing, exchanging, letting or sub-letting, seasonal letting or sub-letting, of immovable properties.and he can have an important role in the management.(syndic de copropriété ) location des biens
In a second part real estate agent have,professional activities as the selling of livestock or agricultural implements.and subscription of share of parts de sociétéplus la vente de fonds de commerce

2° The selling, purchasing and leasing of businesses
3° The selling of livestock or agricultural implements
4° The purchasing, selling or the subscription to,shares or interests in property holding companies providing the enjoyment or the ownership of premises.
5° The purchasing or selling of non-negotiable shares of a company whose assets include animmovable property or a business.
6° The Management of real estate
So real estate agent have an important role to play with the buyers and the sellers.
First Real estate agents are really useful for...