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French is located in West Europe. In a Kwintessential website I read a lot of thing about my country. There are some accuracy and inaccuracy information about it.

The official and mainlanguage is French and in this website they don’t speak about English because in my country people are not used to speak English. For example, you can go to the shop or office and it could be hard to findsomeone who can speak English.
It’s also true that in France we like good food. We can find a lot of refined groceries where we can buy high quality of food (Fauchon, Ladurée…)
And as every countryI guess each region has its speciality.
Concerning the business area, it’s true that we need a high degree of formality as written communication. We have a lot of meeting with our superior toknow where we exactly are in our target.

But in this website I also read some strange or inaccuracy information. (Some information that I’ve never heard before)
For example, you don’t have tosay good morning Sir or Miss every time. Sir and Miss are useless, good morning is totally enough to welcome someone in your company or in your neighborhood.
Concerning dining etiquette we can beflexible time. People are not really obliged to call if they are late more than 10 minutes. We have to be on time for a meeting in a company but for a dinner you can be quite flexible.
In relationshipsand communication business if you don’t know the local language I think it’s like in every country you may apology for not knowing it. We also don’t need to plan an appointment 2 weeks in advance,we can be quite flexible.
Moreover, in business relation is depending on people but you can be over friendly. We can separate business and personal lives but we also can mix them.
For example,during my last internship in my company we went out together sometimes and also with some competitors. It really depends on people.
And finally if you don’t have the other side of your business card...