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Good afternoon
Today I would like to speak about the uniform inEngland
contrary to France which removed the obligatory wearing of the uniform at school, England preserved this tradition
A surveywas carried out by the British Minister
of education between August 2002 and February 2003 to know the parents ‘ opinions
Following this survey, the British Government published a guide of good useof the uniform for submission to the people in charge of establishment. He insists on the fact that the uniform must be at an accessible cost and does not have to introduce discrimination orexclusion

In England, 83% of the parents are favorable to this conservation, which according to them has many advantages
Firstly, the differences of the social classes are not visible anymore.
Indeed,the “rich” children and the “poor” children find themselves on an equal footing
The second advantage is to teach the discipline to their children.
The third advantage is to maintain theirtraditions
just like driving on the left handside of the road or the pound, the uniform belongs to the things which differentiate them from the other countries
All schools choose their uniforms for example,Hillcrest School and Community College introduced the uniform with an aim to show and give to the pupils the direction of their identity and the pride of their school. The persons in charge of theestablishment wish to reduce the inequalities
and expenses
of clothing too heavy for the families).However uniforms are expensive. Lastly, the introduction of the uniform is a tool intended to improvethe general behavior of the pupils.

Now I will explain the different aspects of a uniform
the typical uniform of a British pupil is composed of
a sweater or a waistcoat, a skirt or sometimestrousers, a shirt, a pair of high socks and a jacket for the winter for the girl
a trousers, a sweater or a waistcoat, a tie and a jacket for the winter for the boys
each school has its own uniform...