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The Christmas Elves

It was yesterday of the Christmas. All the children were very happy and pressed for the gifts. All the Elves to hurry for make the giftsin time. The list address at the Father Christmas are very long. The Father Christmas gets ready to distribute the presents. He prepare his sleigh and hisreindeer. The Elvers were at last finisher her job, they are going to eat and to sleep

In the following morning elfs rushed to the factory, they weresurprised…EVERYTHING HAD DISAPPEARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The elves shouted with despair, the Elves Looked everywhere, without never found. Who has able to make that? How gothey make?

The Elves and the Father Christmas were very sad. They had lost any hope. They cried so much they were sad. The FatherChristmas was with "mere noel", The Father Christmas didn’t know why people had stolen presents for children.

A few hours later, one eleve to giveoneself up because he felt guilty. Other eleves was speechless. They did not understand why he had stolen everything. The thief cried, his companions asked him why!He explained that he was very sad because nobody did love him, that nobody take charge of him and that he never received presents at the Christmas. All the elvesrealized that this eleve was very sad and sincere. They felt of the pity. The elves sad restored all the presents then he left.

The day of Christmas allthe presents were distributed at feet of fir trees. And guess what? The elves thief he too had presents for this Christmas. He was the happiest of the world!