Rabbit-proof fence

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Rabbit-Proof Fence. Summary of chapters 4 and 5

We are goint to start with asking the questions…then we will answer them during our presentation…it helps to focus more.
(They show lots ofdetermination, ingenuity, courage, tenacity, boldness, perseverance, grit, guts, they everything they have into the escape).

1) Why couldn’t the girls return back to the settlement?
2)Why did Molly say “Rain is good” at page 22?
3) Why was Molly angry when Gracie killed a rabbit?
4) How long have the girls been walking before they found the fence?
5) Why did the womanat the farmhouse report the girls to the superintendent?
6) Was she right? Discuss…

Summary of chapter 4:
We see that they leave on a gray day, dark and gray sky, dark clouds, no sun. It mightseem strange and we might even think they were unfortunate…but it fact, they knew it was gonna rain(page 19), it was part of the plan…and they were happy. Molly even says happily “Rain is good” (page22)..and explain that the rain will erase all footprints and the tracker wont be able to look for them.
The journey is also not an easy one, there are lots of tests ahead of them, lots of hardshipsand difficult situations they would have to overcome. It is simply a very hard thing they are doing, and that’s the least we can say. On page 22 for example, they have to go through acacia bushes andthey end up cutting their bare legs….and that’s at the beginning of the journey….there is still a long long way to go. They also have to go through the rain…all wet. Then all they have as food is afew pieces of hard dry bread that was supposed to be their food just for the day. It is not enough but they were counting on meeting people, friendly people to give them food. The first ones were theMardu men, who gave them a kangaroo tail, a box of matches and a little box of salt. The box of matches will be really useful because just before they met the Mardu men, Gracie had killed a rabbit,...