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Export Strategy
DUGCI 2008/2009
Mr Gilles de Lanauze
Go/no go international
Competences of the firm/ How should they be utilized internationally?
Internal analysis
External analysis
International market selection
Selection of target market
Competition analysis
Positioning in chosen marketMarketing decisions in target market
Marketing objectives
Entry mode strategy
Developing the international marketing mix (the 4ps)
Implementation and cross border negotiation
International marketing budget
Organization of global marketing
Marketing control
Since several years, female wear lingerie, and thiswearing is became one of the basic gift to different occasion as in Christmas, Saint-Valentin, and birthday or just to make pleasure to their wife.
Fashion lingerie improved every year because the tastes changes, the waiting are different between each age categories, and the woman like the changing. Lingerie is became a tool of mode, and the firm know that. That’s why they invest and try to give totheir customer a lot of different lines.
Lingerie is considered today like a wearing of seduction, which can be sexy, glamorous and mainly comfortable. Because it’s important that woman feels good in it.
We will study the enterprise Femilet and will show how is it possible to it, to introduce new foreign market, where the competitors are even present.
Go/no go internationalCompetences of the firm/ how should they be utilized internationally?
We know that Femilet is an important firm in Scandinavia. And today Danish Femilet is one of the leading suppliers in Scandinavia of fashion lingerie.
Femilet have four different brands:
Femilet: the wonderful, elegant and fashionable lingerie for the women of today.
Shape: Femilet Shape is lingerie in the lowerprice segment.
Aqua: Elegant, cool or trendy?
Dreams: Young and trendy lingerie, nightwear and beachwear to the girl that wants to be the star in her own life.
Femilet should develop franchise concept internationally. This is a good mean to develop a brand in taking less risk.
One of the problems is the identification of the brand in other country. For example Femilet is not very known inFrance, Spain or in USA. The firm should to choose in what market it want introduce. They have to select one of the four brands. Select the target, the kind of product, and answer to waiting of consumers. To develop Femilet at the international, they need to do an analysis of the market. We need to know in each country who is the leader, how many market shares it has, the different waiting ofconsumers.
Internal Analysis. Leader in Scandinavia and created in 1923, Femilet is an important firm of fashion lingerie. With 27 own concept shops, 35 shop-in-shop and 270 other selling partners in Finland and Holland, her reputation is not to do, and exports with successfully to Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, Finland and Holland.
It’s one of the biggest and most successfulproducers of lingerie in Denmark. Make product of high quality. The collections are designed in Denmark but the production is outsourced in the Far East (China...). Then the fact that the production is outsourced, we can think that the costs are reduced.
Femilet has an important market share and the brand is recognized by 95% of the population. That is an important point, when people heard orsee the brand Femilet they know immediately what does it means.
“Femilet has 75 employees, of which half are working in the own Femilet shops.” That is means that for a big enterprise, Femilet hasn’t a lot of employees because production is outsourced and a lot of things are decentralized. Relocation allows economizing on the working force, salary, taxes...
They use for example the franchise...