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The official magazine of the Alberta Food Processors Association
Fall 2010


Rolls out Online Food Safety Management System


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AFPA’s Industry Strategy Document: Key Findings u Industry Updates u Memories from the FEASTival of Fine Chefs u u Processed Meat Competition Winners u Fall 2010 AFPA in ACTION 1


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Fall 2010

Fall 2010


The official magazine of the Alberta Food Processors Association Fall 2010


OPENING REMARKS 7 Message from the AFPA’s President & CEO 9 Meet the AFPA Team FEATURES 10 The Alberta Food Processing Industry Strategy Document: Key Findings 15 AFPA Picks Safety With Their New OnlineFood Safety Management System INDUSTRY UPDATES 19 Food Safety & Quality 21 Workplace Health & Safety AFPA ACTIONS 22 FEASTival of Fine Chefs: Delectable Delights and First-class Company! 24 The 2010 Meat Industry Convention: Processed Meats Competition 26 Congratulations to the 2010 IBA Winner! 29 Join AFPA Today! 30 Buyer’s Guide

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Fall 2010



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a Message from the AFPA’s President & CEO
manufacturing industry at an alarming rate? Will we wake up one day and find that we’retoo late to stop the carnage? It doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to figure out why imported food consumption is on the rise in Canada with all the inherent risk to the Canadian public when our food comes from places on this planet where we have little or no control over the safety standards employed in their plants. The playing field is not level and ultimately the Canadian consumer will pay thereal price. So should we all just fold up our tents and move south? Should we move our manufacturing facilities to a less expensive jurisdiction in the U.S. or possibly the orient? For most of us that isn’t an option except as a very last resort. We are Canadians, we like it here and we’re proud of our heritage and what this country stands for and we choose to remain in Canada and in Alberta andwork hard to preserve our quality of life. So, how do we survive these economic challenges and return to those heady days when we were the number three food exporting nation on the planet—latest available statistics say we have slipped to seventh place. It is obvious to all those within the industry that we can’t do it without help but what for should that help take? During the spring of 2010...
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