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  • Publié le : 14 avril 2010
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Your honour I wonder me why the convict is condemned to die ?
Hum… I have a reason this is because his is a blackman he belong to poor communoty ! I see that 70% ofpeoples who are killed by the death penalty are black and victims are whites so blacks are more likely to be executed… like in this case.
I agree with the fact that hecommited a murder you must be punish but when you do one mistake since 1984 you don’t deserved to die now this is unfair.

Like his family said  « he stop school at theage of 16 years old he found a job, he didn’t make part in a gang : he is a good boy..».

You sentence him to die where as we havn’t enought evidences… Whre is the DNAtesting, witnesses ? For the DNA testing, it hasn’t been executed because the family of the victim didn’t allow it, Witnesses : nobody.. and my client still to say isinnocent he wasn’t on the murder crime and say me why he will steal a car when he drives Mercedes SLR 3. You make fun of who ? But we don’t here make the trial but changethe sentence.

And finallyIn spite of the price of one execution you still to kill people for anyhings i hope that you will go help everybodies who are waiting one helpfrom you with a deficite of – 2.5millions $ good luck .

Even the victim’s family say that the execution willn’t make feel better cause it will not bring the victimback.
Given circonstences I ask to switch the sentence from death penalty to life on parole or jail for life because it less expensive than an execution.

Maybe we avoidyou to commit a important mistake.
If my client as white, he wouldn’t have the same punishment.
I hope that I have convinced as many as possible peoples in this room.