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Michael Moor is a famous producer, film director and actor of American documentaries. He has received several awards for his films: "Bowling forColumbine”, “Fahrenheit 911” for example.
In the movie "Sicko" Michael Moore analyzes health insurance in the United States and he confronts it to other countries like Britain, Canada, France...In America, 50 million people haven’t a health insurance and 18 000 people die because of lack of health insurance. Even those who are entitled to insurance are not treated well becausethe insurance is inadequate. The insurance define the authorizations for treatment as disastrous for them, they consider it as a waste of money!

The film includes testimony from manypeople who have problems with their health insurance, or because they haven’t insurance. The movie shows ordinary people whose lives have been shattered because of accidents which are harmless tous French!

Michael Moore relates the various historical stages which have led to the establishment of the health system with private insurance as the main actors. Michael Moore blamesGeorge W. Bush to have received lot of money thanks to these private insurance companies.
Michael Moore compares his situation with that of Canada which has a bad reputation in the UnitedStates to pursue a very bad medicine, and patients stay a long time in waiting rooms. However he will be very surprised to see that the service is very fast and free! Michael will be surprisedtoo when he discovers that in England the cares are free for all and that the doctors are state’s employees and they are rather rich.
Same for France even though it really looks like autopian country!

To conclude, Sicko is a documentary rather shocking but also excessive because it aims is to shake people for to be able to change the American public!