Sondage en anglais fait dans mon lycée

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We’ve asked you !!!

We’ve asked some pupils, four teachers and one of the CPE about our school, their ideas to change her.

Our first question was : How would you improve our school ?
Thepupils would like to have the possibility to Have the sorties libres without the ordinate of their parents. They asked for five minutes pause more during the afternoon (so to start the second part ofthe afternoon at 15.50 and to leave the school at 16.45 or 17.45). Some pupils would like a nice sonnerie but others disagree because they want to be quiet when they have class during 1.30 hours or2.00 hours. The pupils would like to be allowed to use their mobile phone in the hall or in the foyer Most of the pupils would like a “bedroom” so when they haven’t class, they can sleep (because atired pupils can’t be attentive during the lessons). The pupils would like to have more gobelets near the fontaine. Some pupils would like to have a babyfoot in the foyer and other one asked for some bals- like in the USA.
Mr … want more humour and a nicer cour de récréation. Mrs …want more engagement from the pupils in the life of our school. Mr … don’t want to change our school and Mr … want anaccess for the disabled to every place of our school.
Mr …, the CPE, just want to have colours more chaleureuses on the walls.

Our second question was close to the first one : Would you liketo have a school more Rock’N’Roll ?
The pupils are partagés : some don’t want, others don’t know and other one agree. Some pupils answered that they would like a school more japonais or that theywould like more colours qui flachent or that they would like a school more cool and less stricte. The pupils who agree this idea would like better colours too, because they find the blue and yellowsad.
Mr … agree and want a look more relax too. Mr … find our school déjà assez Rock’N’Roll comme ça and Mrs … and Mr …disagree.
Mr …, the CPE, disagree too.

Our third question was really...