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SWOT analysis
A SWOT Analysis is conducted by the company so that it is able to position itself to take advantage of particular opportunities in the environment and toavoid or minimize environmental threats. In doing so, the organization attempts to emphasize its strengths and moderate the impact of weaknesses. The analysis is also useful for uncovering strengthsthat have not been fully utilized and in identifying weaknesses that can be corrected. Matching information about the environment with the organization's capabilities enables management to formulaterealistic strategies for attaining its goals. A SWOT Analysis of Nestlé MilkPak is as follows:
Internal analysis
• Socially Responsible Company.
• NML’s products enjoy strongbrand image and market pull.
• Innovative and constantly growing product line. NML launched 17 new products, including variants of existing products in recent past.
• Sales force is the majorresource strength in terms of physical resources of the company.
• Marketing strategies established by the company are innovative and lure customers.
• Financial, marketing and salesstrategies are formulated by gauging the customer demands.
• Periodic research carried out to judge market trends.
• It is a large scale organization, with abundant funds and has the capability ofacquiring weaker firms by throwing them out of competition. The recent acquisition of the water brands Aqua and Fontalia provide an example for this strength of the company.
• Multinational.
•Growing Sales and profits.
• Major shareholder in the food industry of Pakistan.
• Aggressive Marketing.
• Efficient Distribution networks through out the country.
• QualityProducts.
• Environment Friendly.
• Skilled labor.
• Educated staff.
• Large number of offerings.
• Pre purchase virtual display.
• Arrangement of events.
• Good...