The fifth child

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This extract is the first scene of Doris Lessing's novel The fifth child, a book published in 1988, dealing with Ben, a monster-likechild whose birth makes his parent’s life become hell. This passage is descriptive, because it’s where the reader learns how the two characters are. This first scene introduces the two mainscharacters, David and Harriet and to the general tone of the story to come. In this extract we are given details about David and Harriet way of life, their thoughts about physical appearances, we learn alsowhat their jobs are.
There are four parts in the passage corresponding to the different stages of the author’s description. The first part is about the importance of the party, the second part we aregoing to talk about David and Harriet, and the final part we are going to study the comparison between David and Harriet and the rest of the people.

In the first part we are going to study the party.The party is an important part of the novel, because it brings out David and Harriet couple in a certain society, and it is one of the central themes of the book.
Music is a massively importantbecause it creates the atmosphere for the party. The author wants to show that the party is very noisy. A lot of people are there and most of them are dancing.
The people who are dancing appear to bethe strangest people. The men are asking for a lot of attention and the women have a colorful appearance. They all want to show off. The party is describe through the eyes of David and Harriet and theyboth consider this to be a dramatic, bizarre or even psychedelic experience. People appear to them as ridicule and strange beings. They are having fun in this noisy party and for the two old fashionpeople hear, it is very strange. When they describe the dancers faces it looks like a scary show. David and Harriet doesn't understand why people can have fun in this joyful atmosphere that they...