The fifth child

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What is the Matrix?

After the war between humans and robots was lost by the humans the machines rose to power; The machines took over our beloved earth and enslaved all humans. The humansscorched the sky and the sun was no longer visible the machines were said to “die” without some source of energy They placed all humans in “pods” because we were a good source of electricity or “power”,which they needed in order to survive. For us to put this power to use we were “plugged into” our pods with all sorts of wires. While stored into these pods the machines created an alternate world for us,the Matrix. The Matrix is a sophisticated computer program designed to seem real. It seems so real because the people “plugged in” to the program rely on their senses to determine what is real andwhat isn’t. There are also “agents” such as Agent Smith, who are also computer programs designed to be the “security system” of the matrix; make sure everything is the way it’s supposed to be etc. whilealso trying to obliterate those who have realized what the matrix is, and finding “the one” in order to destroy him as well. So really the matrix is a series of codes which keeps our minds busy sothat we can generate energy for the machines without interference. People who aren’t plugged into the matrix such as Morpheus, Trinity etc. and later on Neo are on a mission to bring the human race backto power again. Morpheus, Trinity and the others plug themselves in and out of the Matrix in order to find “the one” – Neo . The oracle said that Morpheus would find the one, and once the one wasfound, he [the one] would find a way to bring the human race back to power. The one, is the only person who has the ability to “bend” the rules of the matrix and beat the agents, as well as the machines.As Morpheus says: What is the Matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer-generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into a battery ; If real is what you...