The murders in rue morgue

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The Murders in the Rue Morgue
It’s the story of the detective monsieur Auguste Dupin and one of his friends, who is the narrator. The story takes place in Paris (the place where they met eachother), in the XIXth century . The short story began with areflection on the importance that is given to the analysis in the human mind. Then, it’s an example which describes the incredible capacity of analysis of Dupin, who guessed things that otherweren’t able to guess. He’s very clever, and loves reading. After this "introduction", the story really began. Dupin and the narrator learned that there were two murders last night. They found the bodiesof two women, a mother Madame L’Espanay and her daughter Camille,in the rue Morgue. Marks of strangulation were able to be seen on the Camille’s body which was violently put in the conduit of thechimney. That of the Madame L’Espanay had the throat cut, and was dismembered. The people who were the first to be able to see that horrible thing was the neighbours, who have heard the shouts, theyrushed there. All the witnesses who have heard a part of the scene said that there were two voices, one was a grave which spoke French ; but nobody was able to determine what was the second. There havebeen some confusions of the real murderer, Adolphe Le Bon was arrested for nothing by the policemen.Auguste Dupin decided to resolve the affair, “the secret, it’s to ask the right questions”. Thanksto his contacts in the police, he was able to search the place of the crime, and thanks to the indications, found the conclusion: the unknown voice wasn’t a human one. Indeed, the murder isexplicable if the culprit is the orang-utang. Dupin decided to put an announcement in the newspaper which indicated that he found an orang-utang. A sailor who has indicated the disappearance of his...