The weight of belgian beer industry

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Table of Content:

I. Introduction P.3

II. General description of the Belgium market P.4

a. Presentation P.4
b. Figures P.5

III. General description of the AB-Inbev group and it position in the world P.8

a. The group storyP.8
b. The different brands P.9

IV. Stella Artois P.12

a. Presentation: -History P.12
-Figures P.13

b. Stella Artois branding: -1 beer, 2 positioning P.14

c. Stella Artois strategy: -Swot analysis P.17
-Potential target P.18
-Maincompetitors P.18
-BGC matrix P.19
-The porter‘s 5 force P.21
-Communication P.23

V. Conclusion P.25

I. Introduction:

I was during this year in Belgium; the first semester and the second one in Leuven. Before to come in Belgium, I knew like many people I think, that theBelgium is very famous for the quantity and for the quality of the beers. Belgians are very prod about theirs beers. I could immediately see that when I came in Belgium and that’s why I have decide to make my report about the Belgian beers. I have decided to focus on Stella Artois because its one of the most famous Belgian beers and because I could visited the factory.

I had the opportunity withthe school to visit the Stella Artois’ factory located in Leuven. The guide explained us the fabrication of the Stella Artois and some informations about the company like the strategy and the image in Belgium.
First of all, I will explain the situation of the beer market in Belgium. After that, I will describe the group AB-Inbev, the first group of breweries in the world who own a lot of famousbrands like Stella Artois, which I will speak in detail.

II. The Belgium Market

a) Presentation:
Currently and since already a long time, Belgium is famous all around the world for the quality of its beers. There are around 125 breweries in Belgium and around 500 different standard beers produced in Belgium. Like for the Belgium chocolate, a small country like Belgium achieved to export andmake liked its beers. The beer industry is one of the major industries and furthermore makes known the Belgium. Some of these beers are international like Stella Artois or Leffe, but for the majority of them, we just can find them in Belgium and the production isn’t enough big to be exported. Belgian beer comprises the most diverse national collection of quality beer in the world

Belgium isnot one the biggest beers’ producers in the world, because of the size of the country (not comparable to China and U.S.A which are the biggest producers in the world), but for the quality of the beers produced, Belgium is one of the most famous for the quality of the beers.
The beer is a tradition in Belgium, it almost present in daily life. There is a culture of beer in Belgium, which begins forexample the way they serve beer in bars. Barmen serve beers almost religiously and one beer matches to one glass. Serving and drinking beer is an art: it must obey strict rules as to the proper temperature and presentation. For example; you will never receive a Duvel in a Stella Artois’ glass or the opposite. The diversity of Belgian beers is reflected in the variety of shapes of their bottles,their evocative names and pictorial labels. For example the Abbey’ beers refer to the monastery where the monks produced at the beginning the beers. It gives an historical and authentic side, which is really appreciated by the tourists and the beers lovers.

b) Figures:

THE BELGIUM’ BEER MARKET (millions of hl):

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